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O hai! I've noticed that comms such as [community profile] poetry do really well on keeping active, in part because they actually have a posting rota. Every week, someone takes the helm and posts regularly through the week. Nifty!

We're all busy, though, and when it comes to something like movies, posting can take a lot of thought and energy. Every day might be a bit much to ask of someone, but what about having a rotating schedule where members sign up for a week at a time, posting at least once that week (but more if they like)? It wouldn't all have to be serious business, either; if swooning over Cary Grant is your thing (and how!), and you've got some great pics or some trivia/bio to share, why not? If comparative viewing is your thing, and you want to post a lengthy piece about some common theme in three Japanese classics (or whatever), that would be cool too.

I'm curious about what the interest-level would be for something like this; I'd love to see what some of the quieter folks have to say about movies, and this seems like a potentially low-pressure way for people to feel encouraged to participate. Thoughts, suggestions, etc. are welcome in the comments. (Even a "Yes, please!" or "Heck no!" would be welcome, since that would help me gauge whether or not I should then go around with a virtual clipboard, signing people up. :))
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[community profile] classicfilm was just featured in the DW announcement's community spotlight! Hello and welcome to new people stopping by to check out the community. Feel free to start a discussion or take part in an existing one!
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Criterion was unable to renew the rights to several titles, and they are having a sale of these titles on their website until the copies are gone. Just FYI. Read more here.

EDIT: A quick mod note--I made the name tags uniform, so that all are firstname lastname, or in the case of someone known primarily by initials, initials lastname. You get the picture. FYI in case you go to use a tag (for, say, Murnau) and can't find it at first. It's still there!
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Please join in and make yourself at home. The profile page has a little about the parameters for the group and the few, commonsense ground rules we have here. Chat and enjoy!


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