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Guess who's going? *grin*

One of my favorite movie posters for one of my favorite movies. "King Kong" could be viewed like "Nosferatu," too, in that there's several different versions by now. Has anyone here ever sat down and done a viewing of all three films? Do you have a favorite version?

One of my DW friends felt that Peter Jackson's version was pretty racist; I told her it seemed like he tried to be less racist than the original, which after all is pretty darn racist. Turns out she hadn't seen the original in some time, so wasn't able to compare. Anyone got an opinion one way or the other? I'm not offended if you disagree with me--it's an open question to me. :)
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OK, I've just watched this for the third (I think) time; my second time watching the pre-release version that was rescued from some archives by badass librarians, and which has less moralizing than the version that actually hit the theaters. Anyway, it's very inspiring, and I'm dying to talk about it, but I don't want to be all "Here's my opinion BLAH BLAH BLAH," so I thought I'd just open the floor to any sort of remarks about the movie.

OK, I will say one thing: those are some damn fabulous dresses, and the lady who plays her maid could have done very great things indeed, if it weren't for Hollywood racism holding her back. Okay, two things.

Your turn!


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