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Does anyone have a pic on hand of Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou which would be suitable for iconning? I have this gorgeous picture saved to my hard drive, but it really wouldn't do the job. Great pic, though.

I know it's pretty unlikely that anyone will have something like this, but of all the places to ask, this is probably the best. :)
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I've just popped "Desk Set" into the DVD player and before I hit "Play," I wanted to open up the floor to a question: what movies have you seen, if any, in which the male romantic lead really does love the heroine for her mind? Because sadly, "Desk Set" is the only movie I can think of along those lines.

Doesn't have to be old, doesn't have to be good, romance doesn't have to be the focus of the plot. I'd just love to hear about more movies where the guy loves the woman for herself and really respects her.

I hope there are more out there than I think! :)
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So a friend of mine is watching "How to Marry a Millionaire," and is waffling between amused and horrified (landing finally on "amused," by choice, but it was a close thing). I told her that "Desk Set" is a great classic movie that she could watch as an antidote to "How to Marry a Millionaire," if she wanted one. I'm sure there's more awesome feisty-lady classic movies out there that I'm just not remembering. Any suggestions?


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