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The Ohio Historical Society is currently displaying a panorama of art, photographs, and other items from William J. Knight's speaking tours, during which he told audiences about his more daring Civil War exploits. If the name doesn't ring a bell (it didn't for me), his story might: he was one of the Union soldiers who stole a Confederate locomotive called The General.
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CAPA 2010 Summer Movie Series lineup announced

This is good stuff, people. No restored "Metropolis" (I was really hoping!), but so, so much good stuff--and not so heavy on 70s-90s stuff as in recent years. I wonder if folks other than me raised concerns about this "classic movie series" was becoming not so classic?

My only gripe: still no Marx Bros.? I am disappoint. But so much Buster Keaton! *squees* If you're in Ohio, or passing through, I really encourage you to attend. It's a special experience.
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In case there's any other Ohio folks in the community, here's the newly-announced lineup for this summer's classic movie series at the Ohio Theater.

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Not thrilling, but not too bad.


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