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Name:Classic Film: for the discussion of great cinema
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:All things film from the dawn of the medium to the 1980s.
Classic Film is a community for film enthusiasts. It would be great if this could be a place where we could talk about movies--what we like and don't like, performances we admire or don't admire, links between directors, and how movies make us feel. If you find a beautiful or unusual photo of an actor or actress, or just want to say how much you love [Director], why not share that too?

I don't want to have a lot of moderation here, but sometimes it comes in handy to lay down some ground rules:

1. Be respectful. This includes everything from being civil to somebody who disagrees with you, to refraining from sexist, racist, and homophobic language (or any other hate speech).
2. Along the lines of #1, please feel free to share your passionate point of view here--but film enthusiasts of all stripe are welcomed, so be cognizant of each others' differences and interests, y'all. No calling someone a nerd for "thinking too much," and no stomping on disagreement by whipping out your theory-speak, either. I think that's reasonable.
3. Pics bigger than 500 px in any direction need to be behind a cut, please.
4. If you must advertise another community here, it should be strictly film-related. Only one advertisement per community is permitted. Let's keep the focus of this comm on discussion!

Suggestions for other guidelines? Disagreements? Issues? Please contact [personal profile] laughingrat, your friendly group mod.
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